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Samsung The Excellent Experience

A spectacular event realized by Eventually in synergy with Cheil Communication that welcomed and entertained Samsung’s guests in occasion of the presentation of new and long-awaited production. An immersion in a futuristic and innovative world that gave life to a real and true ‘excellent experience’.

The event, the briefing for which was passed on to the agency for the development of the concept, was based on the three principal elements of the new products: lightness, brilliance, speed. Eventually therefore recreated a highly technological atmosphere where the guests had the opportunity to interact with holograms and to live a “touch & feel” experience with the products placed in the various areas of the location.

Eventually gave the possibility to those who could not be present to take part in the event via international streaming on with 4.500 people registering. At the event worked around 18 staff members, as well 10 hostesses and 4 models whose outfits and looks were created specifically for the occasion.