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“A Bigger Show” Samsung

Eventually signs “A Bigger Show”, a Samsung event for the launch of Galaxy Note 8 in front of 10 thousand people.

The brand invited around 10 000 passionate fans from all over Italy to the Arena Civica of Milan.

The historic Arena Civica “Gianni Brera” of Milan, home to big sports events, hosted “A bigger Show”, the exclusive event organized by Samsung Electronics Italia in order to celebrate with all its fans the newest Galaxy Note8, the latest smartphone from the gamma Galaxy note series.

Samsung entrusted the organization and production of this launch event to Eventually that created the concept for the atmosphere and the visual aspects of the event along the main concept of the new product “Do bigger things”. The project was assigned to Eventually after winning a competition.

The event, free and first and foremost reserved to the clients that have been buying Samsung products for years, had its main moment with Sebastian Ingrosso behind the DJ set, the famous produces and Svedish roots with Italian roots, who made around 10 000 people dance and go crazy. All this in front of the largest stage ever seen in Italy, 30 metres high with Europe’s highest Hologram in the middle. The front was set up with 120 metres of lights, laser pointers and other special effects that contributed to the creation of an impressive visual and sound experience.

During the evening, the Arena Civica was entertained thanks to the contents produced for the occasion by a team of creatives, led by Giacomo Bevilacqua, Italian comic artist and author of the well-known series "A Panda piace": The event has seen the participation of various stars from both the big and the small screen, such as Alessandro Cattelan and the comic duo Pio and Amedei, Tess Masazza and Diletta Leotta, the Street Clerks and the YouTube duo The Show, that met their fans in what was a special moment for many.