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Siamo un’azienda di comunicazione integrata con sede a Milano e a Roma. Il nostro core business è l’ideazione, la progettazione e la realizzazione di eventi.


We are specialized in product launches, shows, conventions, corporate and PR events, incentives, team building, promotional events, exhibitions, roadshows, guerilla marketing. We also satisfy many other clients’ needs such as sponsorship, graphic communication, co-marketing, web & video production, contest and direct marketing, offering a wide range of high-quality services both in BtoB and BtoC.

10 years of activity

L’esperienza maturata e la collaborazione con le maggiori aziende multinazionali in Italia e all’estero, ci permette di occupare un posto di assoluta importanza nelle iniziative promozionali e incentive per le Aziende alle quali garantiamo una rafforzata brand identity, brand experience e brand awareness.


Our work has already received many international rewards. We won, for example, an award at the Best Event Award in 2016, as well as at the Evenement Exceptionnel dell’Heavent Awards Cannes in 2017, and were finalists at the international Eventex Awards in 2019.


A perfect synergy between conception, planning and innovation that can create enthusiasm and surprise.


Electronics, automotive, food & beverage, sport, fashion, beauty, pharmaceuticals, consumer care, insurance & banking.


Our team, led by CEO Marco Abbiati, is energetic and creative without omitting meticulous attention to detail. Anticipating trends, trusting in the investment in new technologies and believing in young talent.